Pilar is a certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor. Having practiced Baptiste Power yoga for over 18 years and teaching for 16 years, Pilar found the practice of yoga, initially, as a therapeutic tool in the recovery from a running injury. Beyond her physical injuries, Pilar realized through a strong yoga practice, consistent meditation, and self-inquiry, how much more she healed- mentally, physically & emotionally. The practice of Baptiste Power Yoga has brought her balance, stamina, strength and flexibility of mind and body, as well as a deeper connection to her true authentic self. 

Discovering this path through experience, her greatest passion now is to share this gift and methodology as a leader, and to be of service in empowering each and every student. Her classes invite all levels whether you are a first time student or a committed well-practiced student. 

The yoga classes I teach are empowering, inspiring and spiritual.

I practice Baptiste yoga because this practice gives me the confidence and power to find the freedom already within me. It helps me purify my soul and honor myself. Through a strong yoga practice, meditation, and personal experience- I have realized that the power to do what is right for each one of us, comes from within, from our own intuition. The only judgments and limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

I teach Baptiste yoga because of Baron Baptiste’s unique and creative approach to yoga. I teach this style of yoga to inspire, encourage, and help others get in touch with who they really are. This style is not rigid, but intuitive. I encourage my students to find the balance, strength, and clarity within.

I am committed to

Guiding students to find inspiration and motivation. I invite my students to take a journey every time they come to the mat! As a mother of both a teenage daughter and son, I encourage both my household and classroom, to maintain positive outlooks and healthy lifestyles.


I am a native of Colombia, South America.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Passionate, true, devoted.

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We cannot transform without leaving our comfort zone.
— Baron Baptiste