Praise for Pilar

What some of her students are saying:

Dear Pilar:
I always refer to you as “a Goddess” whenever I try to describe your teaching style to anyone who inquires. In looking up the word, two of the definitions definitely apply: “a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm” and “a greatly admired or adored woman”. Who knew?! I would only add that you have the gift of a warm and healing light that surrounds you wherever you go...
From the first time I walked into On the Mat a number of years ago, I was immediately nervous and insecure once I saw the clientele full of strong, beautiful people who could somehow balance themselves in any and all positions. But, as soon as you began to speak, I immediately felt not only welcomed, but embraced. As I continued to practice, as you encouraged me to do, each week your inspirational stories seemed to speak directly to me and always seem to clarify something I had been struggling with.
Wherever you go, you will steal the hearts and souls of all you come into contact with.
We will miss you dearly, California is very lucky to have you. Best of Luck in this exciting new chapter of your life!
— Lisa

Pilar leads you through a challenging practice that balances long holds and a series of flow sequences. She focused on helping you work outside your comfort zone and focus on your breath and your pace. You need to know your poses, so I’d highly recommend to intermediate to advanced yoga fans.
— Sara S.

I LOVE HER! Great class with a great flow. Nice alignments and tips. Good balance between body and mind!
— Lindsey C.

Pilar is an incredible motivator. She has a way of getting inside of your head and gently reminding you that you are capable of more. Unlike other classes I have taken, Pilar’s Vinyasa flow routine is a little more challenging because she suggests holding some of the more difficult positions for longer than usual. However, this makes her routine more rewarding in the long run. I definitely suggest going to a class with Pilar if you want to practice on your patience when it comes to your poses.
— Nicole S.

She is the BEST yoga instructor I have ever experienced in my life. I didn’t know my body could move in the ways it did and she made me feel comfortable and inspired.
— Nancy R.